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Here is what some of clients have to say about Vent-A-Hood Service.

Vent-A-Hood hood range



"I would not hesitate to recommend this company. Glenford arrived on time, keeps a clean work site, got the job completed as quickly as possible, and was a pleasure to deal with at a reasonable cost."


"Glen responded to my call to replace my existing dishwasher very promptly and I was happy to hire him after receiving a quick quote. He arrived as expected and was meticulous in his work to remove and install the appliances. He was careful to be clean and respectful of my need to work while he was there. His years of experience is evident in his workmanship which is excellent and he was a delightful gentleman to get know. His quote was reasonable and I did have to pay additional for an unexpected expense but it was absolutely necessary and reasonably priced as well. Don't let the name fool you, he's more than just vents! Thanks Glen, you'll be the first one I call if I need some work done or knows someone that does."


"Glen was very responsive and was able to come the same day I called. He was able to clean the vent as well and stop the fan from rattling. I was very happy with the service and will be contacting him for any future vent servicing needs."


"Glen is extremely punctual, professional and skilled to handle this work. He arranged a thorough execution of the work in spite of missing installation instructions . Very satisfied with his work and knowledge."


"I could not unscrew the burned out light bulbs from my Vent-a-hood. One bulb burned out first, a few months later, the other one went too. Glen came and he had to open up the hood with a special tool to replace the bulbs. He packed everything up into his van and ready to go. We chatted for a bit and he asked me when did I clean the wheels inside the blower. I said I cleaned the box around the wheels regularly but I never clean the wheels in 17 years because I could not get the wheels off. When he heard that, he unpack his tools, came back in, open up the blower box, took the wheels off with another special tool, showed me the grease and dirt accumulated inside the wheels. It was quite disgusting. We degreased one wheel with dishwasher soap, and replaced the other with a new one. Now, my hood function much better. He also gave me a tip to always turn both blowers on when cooking , leave it on 10 mins before and after cooking to ensure all smoke and grease are clear out. The two wheels spin in opposite direction and they work together efficiently to remove smoke and grease. I never knew that. Thanks Glen for your excellent service and advice. You are the best. Namaste."
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