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We have been in business for over 30 years. Here are some of most frequently asked questions. Have more questions for us?

Vent-A-Hood hood range

What is Vent-A-Hood®?

"For more than 90 years, Vent-A-Hood® has maintained its specialization in kitchen ventilation, achieving the prestige of being known as the definitive home kitchen ventilation brand in the appliance industry." Learn more at Vent-A-Hood®

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Why specialize in Vent-A-Hood systems?

At Vent-A-Hood Service we stand behind the manufacturers products because after 30+ years of kitchen ventilation service we know first hand that they are the best in the market. They are the most efficient, safest and quietest vent hoods available. They're also highly customizable, ensuring your kitchen design is highly functional and uniquely suited to your style.

How often should I clean my

After frying or any major cooking, the exposed areas should be wiped down with a product like Dawn Powerwash and paper towels just like you would the top of your stove.

Should I be using all the motors at full speed?

It depends - If you are boiling water, no. If you are doing any frying or major festive cooking, yes.

Does the grease not contaminate the ducting?

Not if solid pipe is used as per the manufacturer's recommendation. The centrifugal extraction system will only send out fumes, and retain grease in the blower box.

What's the average life span of a well used Vent-A-Hood?

If you don't keep the blower wheels free of dust and grease (Mung) buildup, the added weight could shorten the life of a motor that should last beyond 15 years. But, this part can be replaced if you do forget to regularly clean your system. When cleaning a unit, Vent-A-Hood Service ensures parts are in stock as needed and will be replaced the same day.

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